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WELCOME TO SPRINGFIELD LOCAL SCHOOLS! We look forward to assisting you with information and answers about the learning opportunities that are offered for all preK-grade 12 students residing in the Holland Springfield community.

ARP-ESSER Continuity of Service Plans: Select this link for the updated Continuity of Services Plan Updated 2023 Select this link for the Federal Stimulus ESSER III Funds - 2022 Select this link to find the Springfield Local Schools Use of Funds Plan - Update 2023. If you have any questions about ARP/ESSER, please contact paulettebaz@springfield-schools.org or 419-867-5611.

For answers to general questions, please call 419.867.5600.- callers will be offered a variety of prompts and extensions to select.

If you have a question about this website, contact Kristina White kristinawhite@springfield-schools.org or 419.867.5720.


This will be used to comply with Ohio Revised Code 307.87 for posting public bid notifications. Please see the following past and present public bid notifications for the Springfield Local School District.

PRESENT: Maintenance 2.23 Maintenance.3.23 HIgh School 2.23 High School 3.23

PAST: Renovations - 6924 Spring Valley(7/22) Federal Programs, Adult Assists(7/22) Federal Programs, Specs(7/22) Food Service (4/22) Renovations - 6924 Spring Valley (3/22) Renovations - 6924 Spring Valley (2/22)

Springfield Digital Academy SDA Enrollment

Student enrollment in the Springfield Digital Academy (SDA) is only available to children who reside in and are currently enrolled the district. 2023-24 registration opportunities are closed for the 1st Trimester of the 2023-24 school year - the next options will be offered for the 2nd Trimester.

To explore future options for students to attend SDA, please contact Director Mrs. Rachael Novak at rachaelnovak@springfield-schools.org.

It is important to know that ONLY a custodial parent/guardian may enroll a child into the SDA. If a parent chooses the SDA for their student, transitions in/out may only take place at the end/beginning of a trimester. The 2nd Trimester or the 2023-24 school year begins on November 27, 2023 - parents interested in exploring new enrollment opportunities will find links posted earlier that month.