The break down on the committee is as follows

  • Marty Perlaky, LPDC Chairperson, handles SHS general ed IPDPs, is a signer for re-licensure

  • Kelly Kahmann handles SMS general ed IPDPs and is responsible for all tuition reimbursement approvals (**all tuition reimbursement forms go to the supers office first they send them to Kelly)

  • Jennifer Mercer handles all elementary general ed IPDP's and is a signer for re-licensure

  • Oatis Amick handles all admin IPDP's

  • Jeff Pendry handles all special ed IPDP's district wide

All correspondence with the LPDC should be done through this email sls-lpdc@springfield-schools.org

  1. Check your license to see when it expires

  2. If you are new to SLS or if you received a new license you must turn in a new IPDP before any professional development can count

  3. All tuition reimbursement paper work goes to Cheri Casper/Mr. Geha

  4. IPDPs: submit online to sls-lpdc@springfield-schools.org

Information/Meeting Dates

All meetings will be held at 4:00 pm at SHS in Room A-120. Anyone wishing to meet earlier than 4:00 can do so by appointment. The LPDC Meeting dates for the 2023-24 School Year are:

Aug 10 Sept 14 Oct 12 Nov 9 Dec 14 Jan 11 Feb 8 Mar 14 Apr 11 May 9