Springfield Board of Education
2021 Springfield Local Schools Board of Education

Mrs. Rachel Geiger, President Mr. Ken Musch, Vice President Dr. Tanya Baldwin Mr. Ev Harris Mrs. Sherri Koback Mr. Matt Geha, Superintendent Mr. P. Ryan Lockwood, III, Treasurer

School Board

A brochure offering details on meeting schedules, procedures, and other important information concerning the Springfield Local Schools Board of Education is available - please click here to view the brochure.

The Springfield Board of Education continues to follow Ohio's COVID-19 mitigation protocols. To ensure that the health/safety of attendees can be maintained, those wishing to attend / address the Board are asked to call 419-867-5604 to speak to Cheri Casper, administrative assistant to Superintendent Matt Geha. As needed, the Board of Education reserves the right to relocate the setting for any scheduled meeting to safely accommodate the size of an expected audience.

School Board Meetings

Meeting Schedule Link

Next Meeting: Study Meeting - June 7, 2022 at 9:00 am

When and Where Are Board Meetings Held?

A Board of Education in the State of Ohio can only take action at meetings open to the public. Included above is a link for the Springfield Board of Education's 2022 schedule. The monthly business meetings typically take place in the district's Administration Building, located at 6900 Hall Street in Holland. If the schedule or location is adjusted for any reason, that information is posted and the community is notified in advance via the website and through available media (print, electronic, social).

School Board Meetings

Addressing the Board of Education: To permit citizens to be heard and at the same time conduct its meetings efficiently, members of the Board will hear the public only at times scheduled for such comments.

A citizen, community or school related group who wishes to be formally placed on the agenda at a Board meeting must give notice to Ms. Cheri Casper, administrative assistant to Springfield Local Schools' Superintendent Mr. Matt Geha, 48-hours in advance of the meeting. Notice must include name and address of person, telephone number, name of group and topic to be addressed. To reach Ms. Casper via telephone, please call the school district at 419.867.5604. Comments will be limited to three minutes (3 minutes) per person and 15 minutes per topic. Exception for additional time may be granted by the Board of Education President.

Aspiring Statements: The Board of Education adopted "aspiring statements" - click here to view